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More than 5200 active users on Workday in France

Overview of the implementation of the Workday ERP solution within moOngy by Philippe Thierry- Mieg, Manager of the Workday project and of the Group’s Digital Transformation team.

Would you please describe Workday in a few words?

Workday is a software editor working for corporations (“ERP” standing for “Enterprise Resource Planning”). Founded in 2005 ( same year that moOngy) in the United States, this 100 % Cloud based technology now ranks among the market leaders.

With its worldwide footprint and its extensive offering, Workday’s customers currently include many fast-growing high-tech corporations such as Doctolib, Critéo, Accenture and Umanis, as well as major industrial players who also are our customers; among them Michelin, Airbus, RATP, and Renault.

This is a state-of-the-art, scalable platform that provides users with a user-friendly and intuitive environment, available both on desktops and mobile devices, for managing their daily administrative, HR and business activities.

For what reason did moOngy Group choose to implement Workday?

As the group continued to grow steadily, the need to deploy a solution like Workday became obvious. Nowadays, our main concern is to provide our employees with a unique and user-friendly computerized tool, so that they can manage all administrative and business processes in real time.

Altogether, four main business factors motivated the Group’s decision to embark on this ambitious transformation project, i.e.:

  • To provide the Group with a contemporary and evolving tool to meet its growth and international development needs.
  • To organize the Group’s processes, particularly in terms of internal control and data security.
  • To ensure the digitalization, harmonization and optimization of our processes.
  • To rely on a software that allows us to improve real-time business management at all levels of the organization (from the most detailed level of managers up to the Group’s Top Management level).

After conducting a market study, the moOngy Group ultimately chose to implement Workday as a single platform to manage (nearly) all its business processes in the following 4 areas:

  • Human resources and payroll
  • Project management and customer billing
  • Finance and accounting
  • Purchasing

Which feature of Workday's implementation is specific to moOngy?

Our strategy’s strength (and complexity) relies on our choice to implement the entire Workday suite of modules, all of which are correlated and interdependent, each time one of our entities goes live. Each roll-out therefore involves a “big bang” effect for our organizations, allowing them to use all modules from the very beginning of the tool’s implementation.

The second distinctive feature of this deployment arises from moOngy Group’s cellular corporate structure. Each company is both self-sustaining and independent, thus resulting in different work processes and operating methods between the different companies. Hence, one of the major challenges of this deployment consisted in being able to implement a tool and its processes to suit the operating methods and needs of each of these companies, while still maintaining overall consistency.

This goal led us to implement a comprehensive change management strategy to best support our employees in this important transformation. In particular, we have developed a physical training program prior to the launch phases as well as an internal online e-learning platform specifically for the tool.

How many employees are currently involved in Workday's rollout?

The Workday project has provided an opportunity for the Group to develop and expand the skills of a young and highly committed staff. Today, our team includes 7 staff members, working in Paris, Aix-en-Provence, Strasbourg and Lisbon, with a variety of skills. We also get daily support from business advisors (IT, Accounting, Communication, Internal Control, Finance, etc.) who provide continuous
support throughout the project.

Setting up this team has enabled us to provide a number of employees who previously performed administrative management or consultancy tasks with opportunities for re-training and growth so they can work with us as Project Managers, for instance.

In addition, we are proud to have taken advantage of the expertise acquired around Mulesoft (a software tool designed to manage API integrations between various applications) to design a dedicated offer carried by moOngy Digital Lab.

Workday moOngy

What about the project’s actual status?

The migration of agap2, agap2IT, Ingeva, Map Technologies and Kalisoft to Workday on January 1, 2023 marks the outcome of a two-year rollout phase over the course of which the 12 French member companies of the moOngy Group have migrated 100% of their operations to the new ERP. This is a crucial achievement for the project as we now have more than 5,200 employees using the platform to monitor their day-to-day activities.

As a result, we benefit from a shared system and harmonized processes over the French territory, which represents the Group’s largest geographic area, providing with real-time data consolidation for all companies and processes.

What are the next milestones?

At the beginning of 2023, we will dedicate as much time as needed to consolidate the platform, following the tremendous growth we have experienced over the past two years, as well as to providing support to new users. The project’s initial goal was to implement a unique solution covering the entire Group, regardless of the country. This ambition has remained unchanged and has become even more relevant and achievable now that we have gained experience in France. Thus, the obvious next step is to deploy our solution across the 13 other European and North African territories on which our Group operates.