moOngy Digital Lab France: a personalised offering for digital transformation

Yannick Waller, Director of the moOngy Digital Lab France (Mdl), explains the reason for the creation of this offer, aiming to respond to the new challenges of the digital sector.

Where does the desire to create the moOngy Digital Lab France offering come from?

I learned about the moOngy Group the day I met Arnaud Maury, who had recently joined the company as Managing Director. He told me about the reasons for joining moOngy: its DNA and a unique business model relying on a network of independent companies.

To fully understand moOngy’ s positioning in the digital sector, I decided to explore the communications and offerings of moOngy’ s various companies working in this field more specifically. Based on this analysis, we worked with our management team to define the key areas of improvement for strengthening our digital positioning so as to fully meet the current market needs.

How does MoOngy Digital Lab France position on the market?

Our main focus consisted in defining Mdl’ s service offering in the field of Digital Transformation and establishing several strong partnerships with software publishers.

The offering consists of 6 main pillars:

  • Product & Project management
  • Cloud Expertise
  • Trust & Cybersecurity
  • Data Expertise
  • IT Development Models ( including both Low Code and No Code activities)
  • Automation & Performance


moOngy Digital Lab France now gathers 3 French subsidiaries of the Mdl Group, namely Web Transition, Altersis Paris and Kalisoft.

  • Web Transition is responsible for coordinating the Product & Project Management (“Design Thinking”, UX, UI, Web Marketing, E-merch, Data Science, etc.).
  • Altersis leads the Technological part (Cloud, Big Data, Data Engineering, Low/No code, API Management, etc.) as its core business.
  • The IT/Development section, in the traditional sense of the word, is carried out by Kalisoft.


There are two operating modes available to ITCs (Digital Services Companies): Responding directly to customer specific needs on a particular technology or offering and carrying out a joint pre-sales process together with a partner, i.e. identifying and processing customer leads in collaboration with software publishers with a focus on SaaS, PaaS and/or IaaS.

Mdl aims to further develop and accelerate these two operating modes.

How do you plan to structure moOngy Digital Lab France?

From an organizational point of view, we will firstly be forming “Tribes” of consultants, dedicated to our offerings, under the supervision of appointed “Gurus” responsible for managing them. Each Guru will be responsible for supporting the offer of his tribe, for its evolution, for interacting with his fellow consultants… and all this, with a primary objective of delivering greater value to our clients.

With regard to partnerships with publishers, we also intend to rely on a team of Sales Specialists and Pre Sales consultants in charge of managing the pre-sales and project management phases.

Our next goal is to ensure that all our employees get involved and work together in line with the Group’ s corporate identity and culture.

Which Partnerships will you launch first?

As mentioned earlier, our main focus is to build a number of strong partnerships with key software publishers within the industry.

Three partnerships already exist and are currently in process of implementation:

  • Outsystems: a world leader in the field of Low Code, who already registered as a partner in France and Portugal over the course of 2022.
  • Google: our management teams are certified by Google and we are currently hiring (understanding the Google ecosystem is a must to rapidly targeting the market).
  • MuleSoft: this partnership initiated by agap2IT should allow Mdl to speed up its national expansion in the field of API management


moOngy’s high knowledge of our clients’ businesses and services (Civil Engineering, Regulatory Affairs, Finance, Environment, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, etc.) is a key differentiating factor in the marketplace, thus enabling us to provide a unique service that combines Digital Transformation and expertise of their respective business environments!

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