The Olympic dream with Victor Coroller and Paul Benhayoun

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The Olympic dream with Victor Coroller and Paul Benhayoun

The crowning achievement of a career for one, a chance to represent his heritage for the other… Together, Victor and Paul share a lifelong dream: to take part in the Olympic Games and make history for their countries.

Victor Coroller is a member of the French 400m hurdles team and a Team moOngy athlete, and Paul Benhayoun is a biathlete and Business Manager at Qim info, a moOngy Group company. In this captivating interview, they share with us the crucial elements of their preparation for this all-important goal.

  • The importance of mental preparation and medical support.
  • The balance between sporting career and professional life.
  • The psychological and emotional challenges of overcoming obstacles.
  • The importance of teamwork in individual performance.

Conversations with Champions

In this series of interviews, the Team moOngy athletes talk about the challenges they face in their daily lives as champions. Managing their minds and emotions, overcoming pressure, dealing with injuries, keeping their feet on the ground, overcoming frustration… They share with us the valuable life lessons that guide them on their path to excellence.