Recodme: new technology business accelerator in Spain

Discover Recodme, the business technology accelerator set up by moOngy Portugal in June 2023.

A growth catalyst for technology companies

Recodme is a business technology accelerator offering a wide range of services and 360° technology solutions, from outsourcing to training. Since its launch in June 2023, the young company, powered by moOngy Portugal, has been deploying a bold strategy and positioning itself as an innovative force, ready to redefine industry standards. At the heart of the company is an initial team of 8 seasoned professionals with over 10 years’ experience in markets as diverse as Spain, Europe and South America.

Based in Madrid, Recodme is seeking to establish solid partnerships with leading companies, with the aim of becoming a benchmark employer in Spain’s technology sector, and is committed to rapidly expanding its ranks to reach a team of 40 employees by the end of 2023.

A targeted approach and strategic alliances for maximum technological strength

Recodme stands out for its ability to offer tailor-made solutions in key areas such as back-end, front-end and mobile. A wide range of offerings and a personalised approach that reflect a desire to respond perfectly to the unique requirements of each customer and position Recodme as a trusted partner in a highly competitive technology market.

Beyond services and solutions, Recodme’s fundamental mission is to accelerate the technological development of its customers and teams. In order to provide cutting-edge technology solutions, Recodme has established solid alliances with technology giants such as Microsoft, Outsystems, SAP and Salesforce.

Fábio Olyntho, Business Unit Director:

“We have identified an excellent opportunity for growth, and we believe that our innovative solutions and customer-centric approach will enable us to stand out in this highly competitive market.”