moOngy Group spanish expansion with the agap2 brand

Brand change, new agency… Florent Woehrle, Operations Manager at agap2 Spain, tells us about the latest news from the Spanish area.

Ahead Technology becomes agap2 Spain

Since it was integrated into the MoOngy network in 2018, Ahead Technology has been growing steadily to achieve a 30% increase in the first half of 2022. To sustain this development, we have decided to affiliate Ahead Technology to the agap2 brand, as they both share strong commercial and human affinities. As such, Ahead Technology became agap2 Spain on 1 September 2022.

This is a fantastic opportunity for our Spanish staff, who can benefit from a new European network of customers and consultants, providing them with further potential career opportunities. agap2’s brand name will expand in Spain from September onwards with the opening of a new Office in Madrid.

agap2 is opening a new agency in Madrid

Florent Woehrle, Operations Manager at agap2 Spain, tells us about the reasons for his choice to open a new Agency in Madrid, as well as the highlights and challenges of this very competitive city where numerous multinational corporations already operate.

Why choosing to expand to Madrid?


FW: Madrid is a leading European capital, where the greatest international IT companies are active (fourth largest European hub with regard to the presence of multinational corporations). 65% of the companies’ headquarters are located in Madrid and there is a high demand for Digital Transformation consultants on the local (Spanish) market. The geographical distance and the political pressure make it essential to approach such a market directly through a local agency and not from our Barcelona headquarters.


When did the project start?


FW: Since the beginning, this project has been in the back of our minds! For many years the moOngy group has intended to establish a regional office, but timing was not right. Ever since I arrived in Spain in 2019, it became clear that growing would involve our presence in Madrid. The project quickly evolved and gave rise to a business plan, following our expansion in Barcelona, with a significant growth (over 100 consultants currently based in our Barcelona office) between 2021 and 2022 and the commitment from an agap2 senior manager to relocate to Madrid to start operating its own business.


Who will staff the operational team in Madrid?


FW: Alvaro Poveda will manage the agency in Madrid: as an ex Digital Transformation Department Manager of the Barcelona agency, he brings 3 years of successful experience on the Spanish market and knows Madrid very well.He will work together with Silvia as Recruiter, Marc and Angel as Business Managers, all of whom will start their training in September at our Barcelona office before joining us in our new coworking space in Madrid. All moOngy contributors are welcome to visit us and meet our teams in the Aticco Maria de Molina in Madrid at their convenience!
PS: Thursday nights are beer nights!


In your opinion, which kind of major challenges will you be facing?


FW: We are ambitious and intend to hire around 40 employees in Madrid by the end of 2023, as a result of a huge market! Customers are very powerful, demanding, and mainly multinational corporations, especially in the financial and industrial markets, which we understand are difficult to approach. We will need patience and courage to gain the trust of these new customers and to establish a niche in a highly competitive market, with Digital Transformation consultancy services already operating for many years. We come here as a challenger! The prospective Digital Transformation market also reveals itself to be quite challenging, but we have been experiencing similar challenges in Barcelona and had enough time to prepare accordingly.