Collection moOngy - Bella Bah

The moOngy Group supports artists on the move

Discover how the MoOngy Group supports emerging artists and is committed to contemporary art. In 2023, we are highlighting Bella Bah, a contemporary Guinean artist. Join us in our passion for art and our support for the artists of tomorrow.

The moOngy collection

Launched in 2015, the moOngy Collection now includes over ninety works by artists who often pioneered movements such as Figuration Libre, Figuration Narrative and Street Art.

The Collection brings together paintings and sculptures from various contemporary artistic movements, which are exhibited in our offices where employees can admire them. Some of them are regularly loaned to museums and galleries for temporary exhibitions.

Hervé Di Rosa, Iris Vargas, François Boisrond, Robert Combas, Philippe Pasqua, Troy Henriksen, MIST… find all the works in the Collection at @moongy.collection.

Collection moOngy

Artist 2023: Bella

Each year, the Collection honours an artist. After MIST in 2022, 2023 is devoted to Bella Bah, a contemporary Guinean artist.

Our partnership with Bella Bah is part of a drive to support and assist the production of artistic projects and to promote art in the broadest sense.

Works of art are the fruit of a free spirit that inspires us in our daily activities. So it’s only natural for us to support the artists of tomorrow by giving them the means to build their projects.

Warriors, 2022, 100x73 cm, Mixed media on canvas, Lyon

Our collaboration with Bella Bah began at the end of 2022 with the creation of an initial work, entitled “Warriors”, which is now on display in the Lyon offices.

“This portrait represents the strength and pride of women, on whose shoulders the world rests. It’s also my way of symbolising bravery…” Bella Bah