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How to mobilize employees around the ecological transition with the Climate Fresk?

In a context of growing awareness of the challenges of climate change, companies must act to reduce their environmental footprint. However, this transition to a more sustainable model cannot be achieved without the mobilization of all stakeholders in the company, particularly employees. To achieve this, it is necessary to raise awareness among employees about the challenges of climate change and involve them in the implementation of solutions within the company.

The Climate Fresk: an essential new tool

Scientific complexity, denial, misinformation, temporal distance, habits and lifestyles – numerous factors can explain the lack of understanding of the climate emergency. Without a comprehensive understanding of the phenomenon, it is difficult to comprehend its mechanisms, causes and, most importantly, its solutions.

The Climate Fresk is an educational tool created in France in 2015 with the aim of raising citizens’ awareness of the challenges of climate change. This playful and collaborative workshop enables individuals to become aware of their impact on the environment and to adopt more sustainable practices, whether in terms of energy consumption, mobility or eating habits.

The core of the workshop is a game of 42 cards whose data is drawn from the IPCC report (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). Participants must connect these cards to identify the cause-and-effect links of climate change and are encouraged to discuss various topics, such as greenhouse gas emissions, impacts on biodiversity, or consequences for humanity.

The Climate Fresk workshop has become a very popular tool in three years, with nearly 1 million people sensitized and 42,000 facilitators in over 50 countries.

Fresque du Climat / Climate Fresk / moOngy

The moOngy Group's CSR strategy

In 2021, we decided to conduct the Carbon Footprint of the moOngy Group to measure the CO2 emissions of all our companies. This report enabled us to accelerate our CSR strategy significantly and implement concrete actions tailored to our activities to achieve our first goal: reducing our CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030.

This comprehensive action plan, based on essential pillars such as sustainable mobility or responsible procurement, relies largely on raising awareness among our employees. It is essential to provide them with the necessary knowledge so that they understand these environmental issues and can actively participate in reducing the moOngy Group’s CO2 emissions.

In this context, the Climate Fresk has proven to be a particularly effective awareness-raising tool to support us. We have been deploying the workshop within the moOngy Group since the beginning of 2023, initially throughout France and soon internationally. The members of the Group’s Management Committee were the first to be sensitized.

Fresque du Climat / Climate Fresk / moOngy

“Every day we hear about climate change, global warming, but what does that mean concretely? To answer this question, one can either read the 3675 pages of the latest IPCC report or participate in a Climate Fresk workshop. The aim of this playful and collaborative workshop is to understand the essential mechanisms of global warming in record time. By tracing the cause-and-effect links, each participant becomes aware of the climate emergency and leaves with the cards in hand to act at their own level.”

Aurélie CHARMAT, CSR Manager agap2 France

Fresque du Climat / Climate Fresk / moOngy