CAD & BIM SERVICES joins the moOngy Group

The moOngy Group announces the acquisition of CAD & BIM SERVICES. This Madrid-based company specialises in consultancy and the implementation of services linked to BIM (Building Information Modelling) and CAD (Computer Aided Design) methodology.

CAD & BIM SERVICES: A key player in the BIM field

Founded in 2007, CAD & BIM SERVICES has firmly established itself as a benchmark in building information modelling for infrastructure, construction and civil engineering. With a team of 150 consultants and a prestigious client base including Idom, TYPSA, Krean, Aecom and Tecnicas, the company is forecasting sales of €7.8 million in 2023.

Specialising in projects specifically related to BIM, such as structural and architectural design, plant engineering and MEP, and BIM project management, the Madrid-based company has built up a reputation thanks to its 15 years of expertise and more than 2,000 projects in over 30 countries. The company has worked with leading construction, engineering and architecture companies, making it a key player in BIM.

A unique training offering

One of the major assets of CAD & BIM SERVICES is its training offer, which is unique on the market. The company boasts in-house trainers who are professionally certified in the use of the various programmes (Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, etc.) and have extensive experience in relevant international projects. This training expertise perfectly complements the consultancy and BIM technology implementation services offered by the company.

moOngy Group strengthens its BIM/CAD expertise with CAD & BIM SERVICES

With the acquisition of CAD & BIM SERVICES, the moOngy Group significantly strengthens its position in the BIM and CAD market, offering its customers comprehensive expertise from design to completion, while consolidating its presence on the international stage. By combining the strengths and experience of CAD & BIM SERVICES with those of the Group, we look forward to offering our customers ever more innovative solutions.

César García Reillo, Managing Director - CAD & BIM Services :

Over the last few years, at CBS, we have worked to incorporate digitisation and BIM implementation services and products into our value offer to the market, to professionals. The result is that today CBS is one of the main references in the Spanish market for the offer of BIM consulting services to companies.

The incorporation of CBS into the moOngy Group will allow us to advance in the main objective that must be to configure CBS as the leading company in this type of services in the Spanish market and, at the same time, to establish processes of collaboration and joint work with the rest of the companies in the moOngy Group, which will make our knowledge and experience in this field available to them.

In the coming years, large infrastructure projects based on the application of new digitisation tools will be developed all over the world, from CBS we want to contribute and work with all the companies of the group in the common goal that moOngy is one of the main agents involved in most of these projects.